What they say about INDISCO 11 in 2019, with the chosen theme: "Space-saving and Eco friendly Design to Improve Standardize Product"


"As an Industrial Engineer, I feel very challenged by the topic. The Idea generation, designing process, and prototyping are demanding creativity and critical thinking in relatively short period of time. I also meet with other amazing participant that bring extraordinary ideas, make friends with them, and broaden my horizon about industrial design process. If I can summarize Indisco in one word : CHALLENGING."

Fortunate Team

Fortunate Team

"Indisco is extraordinary!! Creating fellowship with cool friends from another universities and sharing about each of our out of the box ideas is immersing. And our LO and the committees are really helpful. Thankyou, Indisco!"

Pappaseng Emma

Pappaseng Emma

"For us, Indisco isnt only like attending "seminar" and competing in competition. There's more valuable than all of that, and that's COLLABORATION, Indisco taught us to face the problems together. Besides, Indisco also sharpen our PROBLEM SOLVING SKILL, which is for solving every single problem by designing a systematic and innovative product. The most important is RELATION, getting new friends, spectacular idea and also a whole new experience. Hence, Indisco is a place to form a super team for us."

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