How can I get online guidebook and Statement of Design Authenticity?
You can download it on the website

How many stages are in the selection of INDISCO 13?
There are three stages, the first is proposal selection to choose TOP 20 teams (semi-finalist) through online. The second stage is the presentation to choose TOP 5 teams(finalist). The third stage is the presentation to choose the winner

Is there any limitation for creating the proposal?
Yes, only 25 pages allowed (cover included, attachment not included)

Can I attach our university logo on our proposal?
No, you can not attach your university’s logo on the proposal

Can I use different language for arranging our proposal?
Only English allowed in this competition

What is the format for the documents that sent from email?
The format of the proposal, statement of design authenticity, registration form, letter of active student, and ID card are PDF. For the scan of payment, you can choose jpg, jpeg, or pdf. All the documents should be compressed in rar or zip

Can I send our proposal after the deadline has passed?
No, you can only send it before the deadline. There is no tolerance for lateness.

What is the scoring aspect of the selection?
The design’s relevance to the competition’s theme, product design originality, product planning and identifying customer needs, product specification and concept generation, Industrial design and Design for manufacturing.

Will the number of like on “video uploading” at second stage affect the scoring?
It is not affecting the scoring for the competition but only affects for another award.

Is there a limitation for registering our team?
There is no background limitations for participants. Your team can consist of two until three students from any department or major who are still undergraduate. Any department or major can join INDISCO 13.

Can I register to INDISCO 13 with only two member on my team?
Yes, you can register to INDISCO 13 with only two on your team minimally

What is the swift code for paying the registration fee?
The swift code is BNINIDJA for BNI Bank account that written on the guidebook and the email confirmation

Is there any limitation amount of team from each university?

No. One university can delegate more than one team to INDISCO 13

When should I send all the documents needed for registration?

You should send it before June 7 for Early bird and August 9 for Normal Registration

Can I pay the registration fee after I submitted all of our documents?

You need to pay before you submit all your documents. The due date for payment is the same as the documents.