Theme 101

Space-saving and Eco-friendly Design for Standardized Products Improvement

Space-saving products is any products that does not take up so much space and room, which is in fact may  create space for something else. Eco-friendly products are products that do not harm the environment whether in their production, use or disposal. In other words, these products help preserve the environment by significantly reducing the pollution they could produce and follow the principles of space-saving at the same time.

Toilet sink combo is a product that combines a toilet seat and sink in one form that is more compact, to overcome the problem of small toilet space size. Another advantage is the environmentally friendly method of operation. However, by combining the sink and your toilet frame not only saves space, also save water.

Featuring a square design, these plates can be stacked vertically, so we don’t need a cupboard. Using patented settings, the magnet continues to rotate and align with polarity, allowing the plate to stick in all directions without repelling.     “Huddle” uses a combination of biodegradable bamboo fiber and corn flour for an environmentally friendly alternative to plastic cutlery

Why people would want this anyway ?

These design ideas developed because of the demand of the public who wanted products that were small but versatile and also did not have a negative impact throughout the product life cycle. Therefore, a standard is needed to be able to encourage the creation of space-saving, versatile, and environmentally-friendly products. With the standards that support the creation of these products, these ideas can become mainstream ideas and would be widely applied.

Standards for products need to be improved to meet public demand. because of that, INDISCO 11 this year will be a place to find the best ideas to improve product standards in order to create products that are space saving and eco-friendly.


The products that are registered to INDISCO 11 may come from Locarno Classification by World Intelectual Property Organization (2013). Multi-functional products are also applied. The list of classes are as follows (including, but not limited to):

  • Stair that can be used for storage
  • Bed that can be fold so it stick with the wall
  • Sofa and bed in one places
House Goods
  • Grill can be saved on the wall
  • United chair and table in the kitchen
  • Folded Ironing board
Game, Toys, and Sport Goods
  • Multitioner ( Sit up, Push Up, and Yoga Facilities)
  • Multifunction Mini Bells and Kolintang
  • Outdoor Recreational Equipment
  • Playgrounds
  • Child Care Centers
Food and Beverages ( Dining Area )
  • Processing and serving equipment ( glassware, tableware, crockery)
  • Cooking appliances
  • Table knifes, forks and spoons
Transportation Equipment
  • Conveyors, Cranes, Industrial Trucks


INDISCO 11 challenge you to design an innovative product to create a better life for everyone