A Portable Device for The Convenience of People with Disabilities

Aids for People with Disabilities are tools spesifically designed to improve the ability of people with disabilities to fulfill theis basic rights. A Portable Product Design can also be interpreted as a design of a device that can be operated anywhere because the operation is from the preparation stage to the completion stage. In other words, this product helps the disabled to improve the ability of the disabled, where users will not have trouble carrying, transferring and storing the equipment anywhere and anytime.

Transfer Board is a solution for wheelchair users to move from wheelchair to another place. This tool is shaped like a board that comes with features that allow users to move by simply sliding their waist only. For example migrations can be made from wheelchairs to car seats, to sofas, to beds and other places.

Ripple is an assistive tool for hearing impaired. Its unique speaker form is capable of producing sound like most other speakers, but it is also able to visualize the voices it generates into a tactile visual representation. A tactile representation is the presentation of a musical strains into certain movements of the object that can be senses by touch or tactile. This means that with the Ripple speaker, the user can hold and feel the tone and sound of music or songs, which can only be sensory through the listener’s senses. In addition to the touch, certainly the movement of objects produced by Ripple can also be captured by the sense of vision. This unique and revolutionary speaker is thus able to be utilized by a deaf or blind person.

Why people would want this anyway ?

This design idea was developed because of the few people who realized how important it is to provide the standard accessibility facilities and infrastructure for people with disabilities physically. Often the invention intended for the disabled is only a modified personal transport device such as a modified motorcycle, tricycle and so on, but the above tools must have a special permit to ride it.
Therefore, it takes more attention for people with disabilities, one of the steps is to create a tool that can help them to do activities like normal humans. With the standards that support the creation of this product, this idea can be the main idea and will be widely applied.

Standards for products need to be improved to meet public demand, because of that INDISCO 12 this year will be the place to find the best ideas for creating products that enhance the ability of a disability in fulfilling basic rights.


INDISCO 12 challenge you to design an innovative product to create a better life for people with disabilities