Multifunctional and Reusable Design for Product Packaging

A product packaging: material used for wrapping or covering goods to protect them. The product is designed in the form of stuff that has function as product packaging or container, where the product can be used repeatedly so as to maintain environmental safety. The product must also have some functions other than the function as a container or packaging, so that the product made has more value in the market. This multifunctional and reusable design is expected to reduce the amount of waste in the world.

T-spray is a compact squeegee for cleaning the glass that can also spray detergent on the surface. This multifunction tool is so beneficial to users because it’s a portable product and customers only need one hand while using it. The unique package can also reduce the cost of shipment for the companies since there are no empty spaces between packages which results in a higher number of bottles per loading.

The honey is packaged inside a container made out of beeswax and topped with a wooden lid. Once the honey has been used up, the container can be turned onto its head and used as a candle. In this state, the candlewick can be found on what used to be the bottom of the container and the wooden lid can now be used as a base for the beeswax candle. To make both uses of the objects clear, the beeswax is printed with a bold graphic that shows that you can flip the container over to make it even more useful after the honey on the inside is all gone.

Automotive Multi Cup Holder is a multifunctional product that can help drivers to bring different stuff when they drive. This product has function as a packaging and also as a container for other stuff, where the product can also be used repeatedly.

Why people would want this anyway ?

This design idea was developed because few people realize how important it is to reduce plastic waste in the world. One of them is by making product packaging that has more than one function and can be used repeatedly, by paying attention to the aspect of ease of use. In addition, the product design must be able to solve common problems and meet public needs.

Product standards need to be increased to meet public demand, therefore this year’s INDISCO XII will be a place to find the best ideas to create products that help reduce global plastic waste.


INDISCO 13 challenge you to design an innovative product packaging to create a better world